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Comprehensive Ear Cleaning Solutions in Austin, TX The Problem With Most Ear Wax Removal Services

There are countless places in Austin that offer ear wax removal services. Even some hair salons, barbershops, manicure and pedicure places, and massage therapists offer this service. Unfortunately, the vast majority of “professionals” claiming to offer ear wax removal solutions don’t offer anything of value. At best, they’re just moving ear wax around. At worst, they’re causing more ear-related problems.

The Real Ear Wax Removal Professionals

AnyPlace Audiology is one of the only ear wax removal specialists with the necessary equipment, knowledge, and professionals needed to properly, safely, and effectively clean ear wax out of your ear canals. Although there are some ways you can manage the accumulation of ear wax at home, it’s still advisable to see a specialist to thoroughly clean out your ears.

Leveraging the Latest in Wax Removal Technology

At AnyPlace Audiology, we’re committed to providing our patients with the most comprehensive and effective services available. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the most advanced technology in the industry. And that’s even true for our ear wax removal services. One of the most exciting pieces of cerumen management technology we’ve invested in recently is known as the Earigator. This highly specialized and capable machine is specifically designed to provide a deep cleaning of your ear by removing all excess ear wax.

What is the Earigator?

The Earigator is one of the first pieces of technology uniquely designed to remove ear wax, making it one of the most effective tools to use for alleviating cerumen-related issues. It’s built to clean out the ear canal with a well-tested and perfectly safe approach. The Earigator combines the functionality of a conventional ear irrigation system but includes an otoscope. This provides the audiologist with a complete view of the process. This increases visibility, control, and efficiency. Here are some ways the Earigator makes our ear wax removal solutions the best in the state.
Automatic Temperature Control

This machine has a built-in temperature control feature. It’s specifically designed to constantly regulate the temperature of the water being used to clean out the patient’s ear. It’s always matched to your body temperature for maximum comfort. This helps ensure patients avoid uncomfortable feelings of vertigo and even caloric effects. Which are common side effects resulting from other ear wax removal treatments.

Precision-Level Pressure

The audiologist providing your ear wax removal treatment will have precise control over the water pressure throughout the entire procedure. This makes for a more comfortable and effective treatment overall while reducing the risk of harming the eardrum and other sensitive areas of the ear. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the ear’s anatomy and can make the necessary pressure adjustments to make sure all of the wax is removed while still ensuring the treatment is comfortable for you.


Normal earwax removal treatments can sometimes take up to an hour when we’re lying on outdated or any effective tools and solutions. Our audiologists have the equipment necessary to drop this time down to just five minutes per ear. This not only means you have to spend less time at our offices but it also means that you can experience pain relief and improved hearing rapidly! Not to mention, it also greatly reduces the cost of our earwax removal solutions when compared to the competitors.


 by If you’ve ever tried to clean out your own ear or paid somebody else to do it, you know just how uncomfortable the process can be. Nobody likes to have somebody poking and prodding around in their ear. Unfortunately, most of the outdated techniques of earwax removal result in some minor discomfort. We’ve done away with all of the pain and hassle but investing in some of the leading earwax removal technology. Our procedures are risk-free and pain-free. Our audiologist has complete control over how much pressure is applied by the device and can adjust quickly and easily based on each patient’s preferences and needs.


The Earigator is an all-in-one cerumen removal tool. It takes all of the greatest qualities of earwax removal tools and combines them into one efficient, thorough, and effective piece of technology. This keeps our audiologists from having to use half a dozen tools to comprehensively remove your earwax. Now, you can enjoy a spa-like treatment at the convenience and comfort of our offices without having to be referred to another specialist. You can get all of your hearing restoration services in one place!

What is ear wax?

Most people assume ear wax, more formally known as cerumen, is just an annoying byproduct of bodily functions, it actually plays a crucial role in the overall health of your ears. The sticky and thick nature of ear wax makes it ideal for preventing dirt, debris, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants from getting into your ears and causing infections, hearing issues, or other issues.

Why does ear wax accumulate?

The human body naturally gets rid of ear wax without you having to do anything special. However, that’s when everything is happening ideally. It’s common for this natural process to get disrupted. When this occurs, ear wax will begin to accumulate and cause blockage. Other than further impairing a patient’s ability to hear and feeling uncomfortable, the build-up of earwax can lead to infections and other avoidable yet potentially harmful issues. When there’s a significant accumulation of cerumen, it’s called a wax impaction.

How should you treat a wax impaction?

There are a variety of methods for treating a wax impaction with the sole goal being the removal of ear wax to free up the ear canal. Some of the most common methods include suction, flushing, and even manual removal using professional instruments. Our professional team uses a combination of these methods based on what your personal circumstance demands. We’re committed to ensuring you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the whole process. Our audiologists are all trained specifically for ear wax removal so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We’ll even use video otoscopy so you’ll have a clear view of what our specialists are seeing. Although you don’t have to watch if you don’t want to!

What are some signs you need wax removal services?
As mentioned before, ear wax is a perfectly natural and even essential component of your overall ear health. So, how do you know when there’s an issue? In general, the build-up of earwax means there’s a problem with your ear’s natural ability to get rid of cerumen. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for that might mean you need to see one of our specialists.
Blocked Ears
Many times, the build-up of ear wax is clearly noticeable to people. If your ears feel blocked or clogged, it’s a telltale sign that there’s too much cerumen in your ear. A little ear wax is perfectly normal and even a sign that your ear is healthy overall. But, when you start to notice the amount of earwax in your ear, it’s probably a sign that there’s too much of a build-up.
Ear Pain
Another common sign of excessive amounts of cerumen is ear pain. Since there are so many issues that can cause ear pain such as infections and injuries, it’s important to get the input of an audiologist to get to the root of the problem. When there’s too much wax in your ear, your body’s natural methods for getting rid of cerumen struggle to keep up. As ear wax remains in the ear, it can harden and put pressure against the nerves in your ear, resulting in discomfort and even sharp pains depending on the amount.
Dark Earwax
If you’ve ever cleaned out your own ears, you’re familiar with the dark-yellow color of earwax. It might look nasty, but this is the standard tinge of cerumen and a sign that your ear is healthy. However, when you notice ear wax that is darker than normal, it could be an indication that there’s too much wax in your ear. The more dust and debris that your ear wax picks up, the darker in color it becomes. But when there’s too much cerumen, the normal yellow color turns to a darker shade.
Loss of Hearing
There are many reasons people have hearing loss. One of the most common and most easily solved is the overproduction of earwax. When cerumen has time to build up in your ears and doesn’t drain properly, it acts as a barrier between sounds and your inner canal where these sounds are processed. The thickness and consistency of ear wax make it act like a natural noise reducer which isn’t ideal for everyday life. Since the build-up of ear wax is gradual, it’s difficult for patients to know when cerumen is the cause of their temporary hearing loss. That’s why it’s vital to visit a professional to get properly diagnosed so you can restore your hearing quickly and efficiently.
Get Rid of That Annoying Ear Wax Today
Struggling to get rid of your ear wax? Are cotton balls and q-tips not doing the trick? Work with a professional to make sure the job gets done right! The experts at AnyPlace Audiology can help remove all of the cerumen from your ear and ear canal so you can hear freely once again. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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